General Purpose:

Responsible for preparation of all resident's meals to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner  in the facility.

Essential Job Functions:

    • Administrative Function: Directly reports to the Administrator.

    • Food and Preparation Functions: Prepares foods for morning, lunch, and dinner meals, including some modified hot foods for restricted and therapeutic diets. Supervises staff assisting preparation and serving of hot foods and beverages. Follows instructions of a Dietician in preparation of meals and maintains meal schedule. Prepares foods in advance of serving day as necessary; covers, stores and refrigerates correctly. Cleans stove, appliances and preparation area after use. Checks trays before they leave kitchen to ensure that each resident receives his/her proper food amount and proper diet. Supervises the kitchen personnel.

    • Training: Attend all required in-service training.

    • Resident’s Rights Functions: Ensures compliance and understanding of all regulations regarding resident’s rights.
    • Physical/Sensory Requirements (with or without the aid of mechanical devices): Walking, reaching, lifting, grasping, fine hand coordination, pushing and pulling, distinguish smells, tastes and temperatures; read and write English, communicate with residents and personnel. Ability to remain calm under stressful conditions. Ability to take instructions and follow through pleasantly and competently, often under a limited time schedule. Adheres to the facility’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program and consistently performs job duties in accordance with the facility’s safe work practices.

Minimum Qualifications:

    • Must be able to read, write and follow verbal instructions and written directions at a level necessary to accomplish the job.

    • Must have a cleared fingerprint record obtained from the Department of Justice as required by Community Care Licensing.

    • All full-time Cooks shall be qualified by formal training or experience and shall be responsible for the operation of Food Services. If this person is not a nutritionist, a dietitian, or a home economist, provision shall be made for regular consultation from a person so qualified. The consultation services shall be provided at appropriate times, during at least one meal. A written record of the frequency, nature and duration of the consultant's visits shall be secured from the consultant and kept on file in the facility.

If you are interested in applying for this job, please email your resume to Admin@AnaheimRetirementPlaza.com.


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