General Purpose:

Responsible for the general cleaning of the dining room as directed by standard policies. Keeps the order and organization of the assigned work and supply area.

Essential Functions of the Job:

    • Administrative Functions: Reports directly to Cook.

    • Food and Preparation Functions: Cleans and maintains designated kitchen and dining areas according to established housekeeping procedures. Report’s findings of structural and equipment wear, defects and malfunctions to the Department Head and Administrator. Reports inventory and equipment needs to the Department Head. Removes dirty dishes, utensils and coffeepots from the dining room. Cleans tables, table bases, wipes chairs, and sets up tables. Keeps condiments container filled. Assists in food preparation such as juices, dressings, jellies and syrup.

    • Training: Attends all required in-service training.

    • Resident’s Rights Functions: Ensures compliance and understanding of all regulations regarding resident’s rights.

    • Physical/Sensory Requirements(with or without the aid of a mechanical devices): Walking, reaching, lifting, grasping, fine hand coordination, pushing and pulling, distinguish smells, tastes and temperatures; read and write English, communicate with residents and personnel. Ability to remain calm under stressful conditions.

Minimum Qualifications:

    • Must be able to read, write and follow verbal instructions and written directions at a level necessary to accomplish the job.

    • Must have a cleared fingerprint record obtained from the Department of Justice as required by Community Care Licensing.

If you are interested in applying for this job, please email your resume to Admin@AnaheimRetirementPlaza.com.


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